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I found this item very unique and different. Unlike most laundry detergent, it was not liquid or powder, but a sheet no bigger than I posted pad my clothes came out clean it smells good. I really enjoyed this. they were easy to store.

Detergent Strips FREE Trial
Adrian Washington
Strips work great!

I love using strips, so easy , convenient and mess free.

Great smell excellent at removing stains

Detergent Strips FREE Trial
Lori-Ann Drecketts

Works great but I feel it needs to be more concentrated for especially dirty clothes. Maybe their could be another version that has more concentration for those types of clothing.

Allergy friendly

So far so good!


is the best, i loved

Detergent Strips FREE Trial


Smells nasty does not clean

Detergent Strips (60 ct)

Very Pleased with the Product

Very pleased, the product just came in quantities that were excessive for my needs. Also, with times being financially difficult, I have found myself at the dollar store, unfortunately, saving all i can until I am on my feet again. Thanks Anyways!

Surprisingly Good

I was not sure about these strips at first, but was quite impressed after I gave them a try. The scent was mild but pleasant and I wasn't sure that this tiny, concentrated piece of "paper" was going to clean my clothes or make them smell. I decided to use the strips according to the package directions and didn't add any scent boosters or fabric softener to the wash. I dried my clothes without using dryer sheets or balls and was impressed by the freshly washed clothing scent and the fact that everything came clean. I haven't tried them on towels or linens or other materials but will definitely try them out and update review.


This product worked really well. My clothing came out clean and smelled fresh.

I really love the Strips for my laundry needs!!’ My laundry smells so fresh!!! Thanks

I actually like them. They smell good and are very easy store.

They seem to take the dirt right out they smell good and are super easy to store.

Wool Dryer Balls (3 ct)

Detergent Strips FREE TRIAL

They make washing clothes a little easier

Love it

These are absolutely amazing I love them and definitely will recommend it to my friends and family members of whom like these types of products for themselves and definitely will be buying them for myself in the future.

Detergent Strips

I absolutely loved the detergent Strips!! They cleaned my clothes so well, made them smell amazing and just all around did a great job. I usually use tide or gain and this worked just as well!!! I truly did not think they'd work nearly as good as they did. I give five stars!!!

I like very much. Don't use fabric softner and don't get static cling. Smells fresh

Retrial needed

Didn’t really get a chance to evaluate the product bc it was raining and snowing. Unfortunately the mailbox was left open and the strips were ruined.

please don't send anymore strips tried and makes my skin itch actually i have been sent the 60 strips and would like to return thanks please text or e mail me how to return

Two thumbs up

Great product


love the scent. Grateful for clean clothes

Good product

I was unsure what to think of this product when it arrived. I had certainly never heard of a detergent in a strip. I love it! It's not heavy or bulky. It doesn't leave any kind of residue on your clothes. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.