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Have the trail pkg. no intention of subscribing

Hi, when I signed up for the trial, it said unless canceled 18 days later it would continue with the subscription. I did not have 18 days between when I ordered the trial on an app Design Home/and when it arrived to the point when I got a message saying that the subscription first package is on its way I wrote back to stripes saying I did not have time to cancel before the first subscription package went out and therefore I was going to return it and or dispute it on my credit card. I told the company I could not afford the charge and I am serious about that and I got a message email back saying that unfortunately the package cannot be returned but 18 days did not pass between the time. I ordered it in the email that I got that my package was shipped. Please advise her I don’t like a mess and I don’t like messy laundry and I think what you’re doing is great with these strips but again I’m going to have to return the package and hopefully can be excepted because I am also going to dispute the charge unfortunately 18 days goes by rather quickly, and I have my eye on the clock! TY! Marguerite Raffa

Very innovative product!

Strips detergent

I used strips for 2 loads of clothes so far and they are brighter than with my usual detergent. They also smell amazing. Thanks for the free trial.

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Good ideal

I’m pleased that I reordered the strips . I’m enjoying the way my clothes look

Smells good

Smells really good.

Awesome stuff

I really really like this stuff

Smells great

I think I could love these, I certainly love the smell. I wish they had dryer sheets too. I don’t think the sample pack had enough in them to really get a feel of or decide if Stripes really cleaned my clothes better than traditional detergent. I may try again just cause I really like the scent.

Great plastic free solution!

I love that this eliminates the giant plastic jugs I bring home from the store. Laundry is fresh and stain free!

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Krystle Benedetto
Love the Strips

Absolutely love them. Works great washing clothes and without the huge plastic container!!

Detergent Strips (FREE TRIAL)

Great Job

Love this product.

Clean and fresh

These sheets really do the job! My laundry looks and smells great. I'm not a fan of scented laundry products in general but the scented versions have a great subtle scent.

Detergent Strips FREE Trial

Detergent Strips FREE TRIAL
Rodney Mcclanton jr

Good product everything smells wonderful

Please cancel my order

Send me no more thank you
Judie Lafferty

They are awesome

Really worked well. Looks like a sheet of paper, more like a dryer sheet cut in half for smaller loads. Like no plastic wrap

I never received them!

I love these things

This is the best soap laundry detergent ever. Easy to store, cleans super well, smell is not overwhelming, and doesn't leave my clothes residuey

Loved them

I really love the detergent strips I received as a free trial. They really do have plenty of suds when they dissolve in the water, and got my clothes very clean and they smelled great too! Thank you

Detergent Strips FREE TRIAL


These strips were so weirdly cool. The smell was so beyond amazing. I have never smelled a laundry detergent so delicious. They were so convenient and worked so well! I loved them!

Im in love

I love the strips they’re so convenient I don’t have to worry about carrying heavy laundry detergent bottles. I don’t have to worry about all the extra itchy stuff that be in the laundry detergent. Yeah, very convenient and it gets the clothes very clean. I would recommend to everybody.

Neat concept

Very convenient to use, did a good job, love saving plastics by using this product.


I would recommend these! Great for the environment too.

Love these!

I mostly use them when I’m drying larger items like blankets, sheets, and towels, but I believe they help make them softer. I recommend them for sure!