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Detergent Strips 2-Pack
jacqueline clark

I certainly enjoy the detergent stripes, and look forward to using them again.

Detergent Strips 2-Pack
Miguel Acosta Melendez

Best detergent

Detergent Strips 2-Pack
Melissa Jacobs
So Impressed!

I love the convenience of these! Even my teenagers can do their own laundry now! Thay have a fresh, clean smell and so far, no issues.

Love them

We’ve just started using strips and are super pleased!

Free trial

Great , I will buy some next year

I was pleasantly surprised by how great this product worked! I did a small load using half of one of the sheets and a whole sheet on a full load and both came out wonderfully clean!

Detergent Strips 2-Pack

Detergent Strips (FREE TRIAL)

Detergent Strips 2-Pack
Douglas DeForest

Easy to use. Does a great job on cleaning .

I haven't used it yet. I want to get out of my account.

Great product

I loved how compact the sheets are, and the fact that I am cleaning and helping the planet is a win win for me

Strips detergent

Suds up well. Great scent.

I liked it a lot made doing laundry easy

Detergent Strips (60 ct)
Douglas DeForest

Detergent that is to use.

Detergent Strips (FREE TRIAL)

Detergent Strips FREE Trial

Very nice

Works very well, I'm not sure if you guys make these for white clothes too (like ones with bleach) but they work very well on colors and other like colors.


These are awesome they smell great and are worth the price for sure are stored correctly the sent gets stronger. Clothes come out clean and fresh for sensitive skin this is a great product especially if you like fresh smells. Pay options as well.

Using strips

I love them. They make my clothes smell good. Strips get my clothes just as clean as tide does. And they are better for the environment.

So perfect!

Saves space and the planet. Cleans well and conveniently delivered right to my mailbox. Signing up for Strips was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


I love these Detergent Strips.

Pretty good! Love not carrying in huge detergent bottles. Makes a good gift too!

Detergent Strips 2-Pack
Amanda Pearson
Easy, no mess

They have a nice scent, and can be halved for smaller loads, which is convenient.

These things work great