Getting Started With STRIPS

Getting Started With STRIPS

So you got your STRIPS - now what? Not to worry, we are here to answer any and all questions you have. Follow along as we walk you through our STRIPS best practices below:

How To Use Them:

Laundry detergent STRIPS are mess-free! They are extremely easy to use, just follow this 3 step process:

Once you have opened the pack, follow these three easy steps:

  1.  Slide out the tray and take out a half or one full STRIP (depending on size of laundry load)
  2. Place STRIP in your washing machine drum before adding clothes. For front loaders, place STRIPS in the detergent drawer.
  3. Choose your wash cycle and START. We recommended cold water as the most eco-friendly option :)

Recommended Dosage:

For large loads or heavy-solid laundry we recommend one full STRIP. For smaller loads, we recommend one half STRIP. STRIPS are concentrated laundry detergent. When you pull out a full STRIP, you will see the perforated dotted line down the middle which makes it easy to tear in half, for the smaller loads. 

Storage Tips:

STRIPS are best stored in a cool, dry place. Keep STRIPS out of direct sunlight and avoid temperatures over 90F. If you live in an extremely humid place we recommend keeping them in air-tight Tupperware.

Types of clothes:

STRIPS works great with the whitest of whites and all different colors. Whether you wash clothes together or colors separately, one STRIP will do the trick.

Water Temperature:

STRIPS dissolves in hot or cold water. To reduce your environmental footprint we suggest washing with cold water. 

Where should I put the STRIP?

STRIPS works with both top loading and front loading washers. 

If you have a top loading washer, we recommend placing the STRIP in the washer drum like a pod before your clothes. 

If you have a front loading washer we recommend folding the strip and placing it in your detergent tray.

Where can I buy STRIPS?

STRIPS is exclusively sold online through our website 

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